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Part of him respecting you and part of you respecting yourself is protecting your health. Using drugs like ecstasy or crystal meth can impair judgment and has been shown to increase the chances of having unprotected sex. The moment of a drug high may seem unforgettable, but a majority of men remember little, including the sex, after coming down. Don't be caught in a situation where you struggle to remember an encounter that may have given you an unforgettable disease.

Sure, there are benefits to having bareback anal sex, like increased sensation in the penis, greater feeling of closeness to partners, and increased spontaneity. However, the benefits don't outweigh the potential dangers. Not only is there the risk of infecting a partner, but you put yourself at risk, as well. When it comes to barebacking, partners should be cautious, even when they are both HIV negative.

According to Mark Cichocki, R. Monogamy is also an important factor in maintaining a disease-free relationship.


Bringing up the topic of monogamy and commitment are not one-time couple conversations. You have to check in with your man often. Even in the midst of a good monogamous bond, the headlights of life can blind us from the potential potholes of a relationship. It focused on a moving target—the use of a vernacular term—but one that is also discursively constructed in research.

Of course, our conclusions are likely to be time-bound by where the debate is to date and should be considered with caution accordingly. The use of qualitative methods precludes generalisations to all gay men. Our findings may also be affected by sample specificity, and may not reflect what is currently happening outside the USA or amongst all men who engage in intentional condomless sex. Nevertheless, our findings emphasise the importance for researchers, as a start, to define and operationalise the terms we use carefully to reduce confusion, and, in this case, to specify barebacking narrowly and assist thereby in producing better focused research.

This is important if the evidence offered by researchers is to be useful to prevention workers in developing well-targeted programmes where bareback sex may be implicated. The authors thank the respondents for their openness in discussing intimate and private behaviours with the interviewers.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Cult Health Sex.

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Author manuscript; available in PMC Jan 1. Ventuneac , 1 J. Bauermeister , 1 G. Dowsett , 2 C. Dolezal , 1 R. Remien , 1 I. Balan , 1 and M. Rowe 1. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Cult Health Sex. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Introduction Some commentators have called the barebacking a failure of HIV prevention Goodroad et al. Bareback identity Researchers have also tackled a related topic: The present study Given this lack of consensus, we designed the Frontiers in Prevention study to explore, among other topics, from the perspective of men who report engaging in bareback sex, the meaning of bareback sex, which words besides bareback are used to name the practise, and whether respondents identify as barebackers.

In-depth interviews A guide provided the structure for the in-depth interview. Data analysis A commercial service transcribed the interviews. Defining bareback Lack of condom use I: Sex without condoms. Is there anything else in the definition or just that? Just that. Intentionality A few individuals spontaneously included intention not to use condoms as a requiredelement of the definition. This nuance was not, however, without its reservations: Awareness of risk Some respondents volunteered that bareback sex was risky: Other words used to refer to bareback sex We also asked what other words respondents knew that referred to bareback sex.

What other words do you use for barebacking? Bareback identity When we asked respondents if they considered themselves barebackers, most replies focused on condomless sexual practices, and based on that men responded either affirmatively or negatively, or qualified how the term would apply to them. Do you think of yourself as a barebacker? Is that an identity? That identity, is that, is that a private one? Is that something you — R: No, I am not a barebacker About one quarter of respondents rejected labelling themselves. What keeps you from considering yourself that?

Maybe I am a barebacker A few respondents said that the label applied to them only partially or sometimes.

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Some contradicted themselves in trying to explain why: Do you consider yourself a barebacker? Discussion Our methodology for this part of our study relied exclusively on qualitative interviews so as to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of barebacking without imposing preconceived notions.

Berg in press states: Acknowledgments The authors thank the respondents for their openness in discussing intimate and private behaviours with the interviewers. References Adam BD. Constructing the neoliberal sexual actor: Responsibility and care of the self in the discourse of barebackers.

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Barebacking among MSM Internet users. Barebacking among Internet based male sex workers.

Intentional condomless anal sex in HIV-risk contexts. Reasons for and against it.

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Journal of the American Medical Association. An Interdisciplinary. Masculinity and barebacking online.

Barebacking among HIV-positive gay men in London. Social inequalities and emerging infectious diseases. Emerging Infectious Diseases.

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Bareback sex, bug chasers, and the gift of death. Deviant Behavior. Skin-on-skin sex — Been there, done that, want more. POZ Magazine. Available from: Desire for unprotected intercourse preceding its occurrence: The case of young gay men with an anonymous partner. Bareback sex and gay men: An HIV prevention failure. Men who have sex with men and use the internet to intentionally spread HIV.

Barebacking, the Internet, and harm reduction: AIDS and Behavior.

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Behavioral patterns, identity, and health characteristics of self-identified barebackers: Implications for HIV prevention and intervention. Barebacking among gay and bisexual men in New York City: Explanations for the emergence of intentional unsafe behavior. Archives of Sexual Behavior. How gay and bisexual men understand barebacking. Barebacking identity among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men: Demographic, psychological, and behavioral correlates.

Reliability in coding open-ended data: Lessons learned from HIV behavioral research. Field Methods. Bareback sex, risk, and eroticism: Lewin E, Leap W, editors. Out in Theory: The Emergence of Lesbian and Gay Anthropology. Urbana and Chicago: